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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

With Spring in the air a touch of Pink feels so fresh.
Here are some suggestions.

nice blush of pink to a garden bed.

Add pillows in these pink Hable Construction outdoor fabrics
and add some geometric flair to outdoor seating areas.

This Salvia 'greggii' is a bright pink perennial
that can be added to any sunny planter bed.

This Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Regal Mist' is called Pink Muhly.
This is a drought tolerant grass that needs full-sun to light shade.
Cut back in late Winter for new growth in Spring.
It reaches 3' tall and would be spectacular is a massing.

Pink leather sandals brighten any outfit.

Add an outdoor pillow covered in
This can be used indoors too!
Contact us at Garden Studio Design and we will have one made for you.

Combine deep pink with pale pink.

This hat by Lola makes everyday feel bright.

Wear a pink pashmina over neutrals.
It adds just a bit of pink flare.

Two of these pink planters on either side of the front door
will stops anyone in their tracks.
Plant with boxwood globes for panache.

package wrapped in chocolate brown paper.

This pink flower gives a relentless profusion of color!
Gaura lindheimeri, Whirling Butterfly
will give you blooms from April to October.
Cut back every fall and it will bloom again for you
the following Spring and brighten your day.

These pink garden gloves will protect your manicure
while gardening or arranging flowers.