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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pool Tile....Something New!

Pool tile can be a challenge! There is the 1" x 1" glass tiles that have dominated pool installations for a long time now. Next came the 1/2" x 1" glass tile in a 'Running Brick' pattern which was a nice change. But take a look at this.........1/2 inch x 1 inch 'Stacked' glass tile!

This tile has a natural edge to it and the colors are so elegant and subtle. We are currently installing this at one of our Landscape Installations and in Corona del Mar. I will follow up with posts that include pictures of our progress.

Monday, April 26, 2010

An Afternoon at the Getty Villa

On Sunday I commandeered my family from our busy sports schedule for an afternoon at the Getty Villa. It was worth it..........

I have been to the Villa before but on this visit I was
more aware of the beautiful canyon in which the Villa is located.

The eucalyptus and coastal sage scrub sit
in contrast to the formality of the Villa.

We toured the Greek and Roman antiquities on display in the Villa
as well as the current exhibit that explores the parallels
between the Aztec and Roman Empires.

I absolutely loved this gold wreath. This is a Greek wreath dated 300 - 100 BC and would have been modeled after those wreaths given as prizes in athletic contests.
The leaves are meant to be that of a Laurel.

The Herb Garden.....

The terraced hillside garden with rows of Olive Trees.

A formal boxwood garden.

I love the simplicity of this public resting space.
This is an alcove at the museum and the materials
contrast so nicely with the formality of the Villa.

We ended our outing at Gladstone's for Fish in Malibu.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plant Palette Winners

From time to time I am going to share my 'Plant Palette Winners'. These are plants that are tried and true. They are plants that I use often and that serve a variety of purposes, plus are usually readily available. When used right these plants speak volumes in the garden.

Dianella revoluta 'Baby Bliss' is a grass-like perennial.
Here are the Top Ten reasons that I love this plant.

10. Grows nicely in pots
9. Terrific grey/green color
8. Slow growth to approximately 14 inches tall
7. Little to no maintenance
6. Tolerates sandy to clay soils
5. Tolerates heavy Frost
4. Tolerates hot/humid conditions
3. Is an evergreen plant
2. Looks great in groupings of 3-5 along a garden border
1. Looks dramatic in large massings

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Looks so attractive in groupings of 3-5 and
contrasts nicely with dark green foliage

Large massings bring drama.

This plant is practically perfect in every way and works in almost any style garden from Italian, to English to French to Contemporary to Napa Style to California Coastal. The last great news about this plant is that it is available almost year round and is carried by all nurseries.

Pretty in Pink!

With Spring in the air a touch of Pink feels so fresh.
Here are some suggestions.

nice blush of pink to a garden bed.

Add pillows in these pink Hable Construction outdoor fabrics
and add some geometric flair to outdoor seating areas.

This Salvia 'greggii' is a bright pink perennial
that can be added to any sunny planter bed.

This Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Regal Mist' is called Pink Muhly.
This is a drought tolerant grass that needs full-sun to light shade.
Cut back in late Winter for new growth in Spring.
It reaches 3' tall and would be spectacular is a massing.

Pink leather sandals brighten any outfit.

Add an outdoor pillow covered in
This can be used indoors too!
Contact us at Garden Studio Design and we will have one made for you.

Combine deep pink with pale pink.

This hat by Lola makes everyday feel bright.

Wear a pink pashmina over neutrals.
It adds just a bit of pink flare.

Two of these pink planters on either side of the front door
will stops anyone in their tracks.
Plant with boxwood globes for panache.

package wrapped in chocolate brown paper.

This pink flower gives a relentless profusion of color!
Gaura lindheimeri, Whirling Butterfly
will give you blooms from April to October.
Cut back every fall and it will bloom again for you
the following Spring and brighten your day.

These pink garden gloves will protect your manicure
while gardening or arranging flowers.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

24 Hours in San Francisco

Even 'Landscapers' like to get-away!

Heart Wine Bar has only been open 5 months. The interior is simple urban industrial, so cool!

A perfect glass of wine and a cheese plate........

This is one of my favorite City Gardens. It is nestled in among the huge glass high rises but brings in just enough nature to remind the visiter of things beyond the crazy city environment.

This is Town Hall Restaurant, mmmmmmm.....the oysters are soooo good!

Zuni Cafe is our absolute favorite San Francisco lunch!

They have the best artisan bread, my husband Eric is about to dig in.....

The wood burning oven cooks up the ultimate thin crust pizza.

Everything is delicious with a glass of white wine.....

This baked Chicken is cooked in the wood burning oven, it takes an hour to cook but it is worth the wait!

I love this copper bar surface!

An early morning walk through the city.

Macy's store window was decorated for Spring with real flowers!

Even the bust stop shelters are decorated for spring!

Last stop before the airport is Balboa Cafe. The burgers are served on fresh baguette with blue cheese..........