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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

24 Hours in San Francisco

Even 'Landscapers' like to get-away!

Heart Wine Bar has only been open 5 months. The interior is simple urban industrial, so cool!

A perfect glass of wine and a cheese plate........

This is one of my favorite City Gardens. It is nestled in among the huge glass high rises but brings in just enough nature to remind the visiter of things beyond the crazy city environment.

This is Town Hall Restaurant, mmmmmmm.....the oysters are soooo good!

Zuni Cafe is our absolute favorite San Francisco lunch!

They have the best artisan bread, my husband Eric is about to dig in.....

The wood burning oven cooks up the ultimate thin crust pizza.

Everything is delicious with a glass of white wine.....

This baked Chicken is cooked in the wood burning oven, it takes an hour to cook but it is worth the wait!

I love this copper bar surface!

An early morning walk through the city.

Macy's store window was decorated for Spring with real flowers!

Even the bust stop shelters are decorated for spring!

Last stop before the airport is Balboa Cafe. The burgers are served on fresh baguette with blue cheese..........