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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plant Palette Winners

From time to time I am going to share my 'Plant Palette Winners'. These are plants that are tried and true. They are plants that I use often and that serve a variety of purposes, plus are usually readily available. When used right these plants speak volumes in the garden.

Dianella revoluta 'Baby Bliss' is a grass-like perennial.
Here are the Top Ten reasons that I love this plant.

10. Grows nicely in pots
9. Terrific grey/green color
8. Slow growth to approximately 14 inches tall
7. Little to no maintenance
6. Tolerates sandy to clay soils
5. Tolerates heavy Frost
4. Tolerates hot/humid conditions
3. Is an evergreen plant
2. Looks great in groupings of 3-5 along a garden border
1. Looks dramatic in large massings

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Looks so attractive in groupings of 3-5 and
contrasts nicely with dark green foliage

Large massings bring drama.

This plant is practically perfect in every way and works in almost any style garden from Italian, to English to French to Contemporary to Napa Style to California Coastal. The last great news about this plant is that it is available almost year round and is carried by all nurseries.