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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Freshen Up.......in Shady Canyon

Just like cars need a 'tune up', yards need a 'Freshen Up'!

Garden Studio has been in Shady Canyon sprucing things up with a new service we call 'Freshen Up'! Visit the Garden Studio website and click on 'Freshen Up'. We have a Landscape Questionnaire to help you evaluate your yard.

after a 'Freshen Up'.....

This yard was installed 3 years ago. This is a beautiful home with what should be a 'low water' Mediterranean plant palette that would compliment the architecture. When this house was built the plant palette called for low water plants but the original landscape contractor did not take this into account when installing the irrigation and drainage. Basic spray head irrigation was installed with a watering schedule that drenched the plants. After time, the installed plants would simply die due to over watering and poor drainage.

before a 'Freshen Up'.....

To the homeowner's frustration plants died. These bare areas are located in low lying and poorly drained areas, like the one pictured above. Most homeowners might not realize the problem and continue to re-plant over and over again to no avail.

Your local average gardener might try to patch this problem. They will replant hoping the problem will go away. They might even turn off the irrigation for a period of time hoping that the wet patches will dry up. We at Garden Studio meet homeowners with this is problem all of the time. Beautiful homes with elaborate landscaping that was installed wrong. Overwatered and poorly drained landscapes are really hard on plants. The golden rule is that plants want the right amount of water and the roots can never just sit in moisture for long periods of time. The key to healthy plants is 'water on and water off'.

after a 'Freshen Up'.....

Our Freshen Up crew tackled this project. Our team replaced incorrect irrigation and planted plants that will tolerate more moisture in the low lying areas.

after a 'Freshen Up'.....

before a 'Freshen Up'.....

With help from the Garden Studio 'Freshen Up Team' these ugly underperforming areas of the landscape, see above, were transformed into a beautiful but functional landscape as the homeowners had originally intended.

after 'Freshen Up'.....

after a 'Freshen Up'.....

before a 'Freshen Up'.....

before a 'Freshen Up'.....

after a 'Freshen Up'.....

When 'Mow an Blow' just isn't enough try Garden Studio's 'Freshen Up' service.

Refill and replenish planter beds and pots
Wash and refinish outdoor furniture and cushions
Clean and refurbish outdoor BBQ's and kitchens
Trim shrubs, shape tree's and tidy hedges
Clean and repair water features
Trouble shoot outdoor lighting systems
Amend and upgrade irrigation systems
Resurface pools and spa's

Visit Garden Studio's website to fill out our Questionnaire to help in an evaluation of your yard. Call us for an appointment at 949.673.5450.

Friday, September 16, 2011

For warmth this Fall choose b r o w n s.......

This Lompoc Cobblestone has various hues that
range from brown to tan to creamy yellow to grey.

This driveway lined with Eucalyptus evokes
overcast coastal California mornings.

Southern California earth......

A classic Louis Vuitton bag.

Nubby brown linen napkins.

A fresh layer of micro bark gives a fresh feel to any garden.

We never get tired of a swath of Mexican Feather Grass.

A Garden Studio Planter.

This horizontal wood paneling works on gates, fences, and outdoor built-ins.

For brown foliage try Phormium tenex, Jack Spratt.

This Perennials fabric is called What Knot - Ceruse.

An elegant outdoor room....

Brown Woven Deep Seat Chair

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

Garden Studio favorite cushion fabric

Wood Sculpture...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coffee or Cocktails?

Here are some Garden Studio favorites..........

'Occasional Tables'

We absolutely love this 'Teak Warehouse' coffee table!
It is called the 'Cabo Coffee Table' and
is actually on sale right now for $365.

What a great deal!

This coffee table is by an artist
in New York named Eric Slayton.
It has a 'Poplar top and 1/2 steel base.

This is a side table designed by Frank Gehry
called the 'Left Twist Cube' and is
available through Design Within Reach.

Garden Stools always make nice side tables and
can double as extra seating for guests. This one has a
unique cut out design and we love the neutral color.
Contact Garden Studio for purchasing information.
These 'oh so cute' side tables are from Link Outdoor are new!
This one is called the 'Sand Dollar Round Side Table'.
This one also by Link Outdoor is called the 'Sand Dollar Drink Table'.
Mix up a teak furniture arrangement with a
modern coffee table. This one by Gloster is so clean!
This 30" x 30" Coffee Table part of their Cloud
collection and has a Quartz Top.
The chunky texture of this simple side table adds depth. Available through Design Within Reach and designed by Rama Watana these tables are made of solid block teak wood. These tables are harvested from young plantation-grown teak trees that are cleared to make room for higher yield trees. The designer has made use of this sustainable under appreciated material.

This Restoration Hardware coffee table is low and chunky. The 55" Provence Beam Coffee Table is a super clean piece and would go well with woven Deep Seat Lounge Chairs.

For a fun twist use a bench as a coffee table. It works well in smaller spaces. This one can be purchased through Garden Studio Design.

This taupe color Ceramic Drum fits in with most any palette.
This can be found at Roger's Gardens.