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Monday, April 26, 2010

An Afternoon at the Getty Villa

On Sunday I commandeered my family from our busy sports schedule for an afternoon at the Getty Villa. It was worth it..........

I have been to the Villa before but on this visit I was
more aware of the beautiful canyon in which the Villa is located.

The eucalyptus and coastal sage scrub sit
in contrast to the formality of the Villa.

We toured the Greek and Roman antiquities on display in the Villa
as well as the current exhibit that explores the parallels
between the Aztec and Roman Empires.

I absolutely loved this gold wreath. This is a Greek wreath dated 300 - 100 BC and would have been modeled after those wreaths given as prizes in athletic contests.
The leaves are meant to be that of a Laurel.

The Herb Garden.....

The terraced hillside garden with rows of Olive Trees.

A formal boxwood garden.

I love the simplicity of this public resting space.
This is an alcove at the museum and the materials
contrast so nicely with the formality of the Villa.

We ended our outing at Gladstone's for Fish in Malibu.