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Saturday, June 4, 2011

California Hillscaping

Who doesn't love a natural California hillside?

This week I was lucky enough to be able to design a local california hilside. One of the biggest challenges in design is to recreate nature. Garden Studio was given this very challenge on an acre and a half in San Juan Capistrano. The goal was to create a landscape that reflected a hillside at its best.

The hillside will be covered with 'Native Preservation Mix' grass from the Delta Bluegrass Company. This is a mix of California native grasses; Nasella cemua, Nasella pulchra, Koeleria macrantha and Festuca rubra.

A natural gravel path will be recreated with this gravel called 'California Gold Chip'.

Natural mounds of green California native shrubbery called Baccharis pilularis, Coyote Bush will be placed in clusters along the path.

Natural rock boulders will placed along the path punctuating the drama of the natural California landscaping.

This striking flower is a California native not to be missed. Romneya coulteri is also referred to as the 'Fried Egg Plant'.

And sprinkled throughout will be the darling of California, the California Poppy.