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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Spring!

Here are some thoughts....
I just love how the fashion world is
embracing minimalism this season!

The colors of these delicate cookies
have inspired my Spring Palette. Yum!

Doesn't this restaurant booth look
inviting for a romantic Spring lunch!

I love the tans and grays
in this Parisian wall.

These colors are so soft!

The perfect outfit for Spring!

Here is my Easter Basket and listed
below is everything I would like to
find in it Easter Sunday!

Love, it's always in season.

Walks on the beach, actually
good for anytime of year.

Creamy florals, this is by Opuzen Design.

A wood sphere for my garden.

A crunchy gravel path through my California garden.
This gravel is called 'California Gold' chip.

Anything out of weathered wood.

Anything covered in Perennials

These on my front porch.

a terra cotta pot,
always an important basic.

An entire wall covered in Creeping Fig.

Potted herbs on my kitchen island.

Simple pots filled with mood moss in every room.

A clear glass vase stuffed with Daffodils.

My Chaise Lounges recovered

The path to my front door trimmed
with this carpet rose. This one is
called Oso Easy Paprika Rose and is
available through Monrovia Growers.

Wooden bowls with citrus.

for my front patio Chairs.

Anything in dusty rose.

Fresh cut budding branches on my kitchen island.

This is my favorite color this season.
Put it in your decor or wear it.

A getaway cottage.
This one was designed by M. Elle Design.
A driftwood sculpture.

A big comfy lounge called Havana by Gloster.

Rows and rows of Mexican Feather Grass.

Looking forward to more sunny days ahead....