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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Favorite Rose

Rosa 'Joseph's Coat'

I really admire roses and appreciate those gardeners that can keep them looking beautiful but as a landscape designer I use then only sparingly. They are a demanding plant that need tending and all too often look bad. However here is one on my favorites. Anyone can have great success with this one....... Rosa 'Joseph's Coat' is a climber and produces clustered buds. The blooms put on quite a show with petals changing from yellow to orange to crimson. How fun..... This rose has glossy green leaves and as a small climber can be managed in our backyards. The good news is that they are considered a 'Re-bloomer', that means that they don't just bloom in Spring but re-bloom throughout the year. This rose requires full sun, has a light fragrance and is considered very resistant to disease. It's practically perfect in every way......

January and February are a great time to plant roses. Keep in mind that once you plant a climber like this give it a couple of years before you prune it back. Once it is established it is very easy to maintain. Use it to surround a garage door, along a picket fence or on the posts of a shade structure.